Hap Mountain Herbal

Welcome to this hub for information about products and projects connected with our homestead farm on Hap Mountain, in western North Carolina.

Our farm is a long-term effort to find ways that humans can live well while enriching rather than depleting our natural life-support system. We aim to increase the health and biodiversity of our farm and its surrounding woods, while ensuring that both wildlife and domesticated animals live well here. We also support efforts beyond our farm to transition to just and more-sustainable ways of living everywhere.

We still keep chickens, still feed them without soy or GMOs, and sell some of their delicious eggs to the Laurel River Store, located where the Laurel River meets the road from Hot Springs to Marshall, and at Sara Jo's Gas Station in downtown Hot Springs.

In addition to our eggs, we sell herbal goods from our farm, currently including dried sweet jiaogulan for your morning wellness tea, morning, afternoon, and evening wellness tea blends, a wound salve stick, and longtime customer favorite Soft Red Herbal Lip Balm.If you want to buy any of our herbal goods, please email us about mail order. Scroll down for our contact info.

Although we've handed off management of our Feed Buyers Group to another farmer, the group still enables small farms and homesteads to combine orders for bags of no-GMO Sunrise Farms livestock feed and supplements, giving us large-order, direct-from-the-mill discounts on feed and shipping. Our discount is typically 1/3 or more off the retail price of comparable feed.
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Hap Mountain Herbal

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